Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We whisper scriptures

Cycle 2 , day 1 (day 21 0f chemo)-
by sherry
Well, it seems that Terence isn't having too many issues with chemo itself, thank God.  Ok, some hair loss but he doesn't really care about that.
He told me that it would probably matter more if he wasn't is so much pain.

It seems like the cancer is continuing to grow-
after having the TURP surgery (only 8 weeks ago) to  remove cancerous growth from his urethra, he is having problems voiding his bladder again, retaining about 450-500 cc's and in great pain.  He started self cathing again. 

He is having a lot of pain in his abdomen, pelvic and kidney area, all areas where the last scan showed progressive growth.  It came upon him kind of suddenly-about Thursday of last week.  He has difficulty upright walking and is tender.  

He has a chemo treatment today and we are hoping the chemo BLASTS those cancer cells today!!

My sister Charla came down from Bellingham yesterday and is in my kitchen cooking up a storm (her frozen dinners are amazing and extremely helpful).  But more than that, she makes me laugh. I enjoy her company.  It helps relieve some of the anxiety I face.  Seeing Terence like this makes me heart sick.

Terence and I are both facing our days with anxiety. But last night we fell asleep holding hands (his hot flashes keep us from spooning!)...

Facing each other.....we whispered scripture to one another until we drifted off:
T- "His grace is sufficient for you........"
S- "You will live and not die....."
T- " He is your Peace......" (eyes closed)
S- "The Spirit of Life dwells within you......"
T- " The  Lord promises peace to you".....
S- "Your days are numbered by God- they are 86 years..."(eyes closed)
T- "Don't let your heart be troubled and don't be afraid....(drifting off to sleep)
S- "The Spirit of God dwells in you and will quicken your mortal body....." (eyes closed)
S- "The Lord will restore health to you, and will heal your disease...."(drifting)
T-  (Quiet).
T- (eyes closed) "......Let the Lord..... have all your worries and cares...(drifting off)....He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you...."
T- (Quiet).
T- (Quiet).
T- "..........stupid cancer"
S- "Amen"


This is our prayer:  (please join us in it):   
"Our hope is in the Lord, and Terence's strength will be renewed ....
he will soar on wings like eagles, he will run and not grow weary,
and he shall walk and not faint......" Isa. 40:31

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  1. Thank you for sharing that. That is so touching. What a blessing from God. Still and always praying.
    Love you, Kim and Mike