Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Papi, why you sick"?

Cycle one, day 8 (of chemo)-

 Blood tests on days 8  (today), 15 and 22. 

Terence has been doing amazingly well, I am sure his blood tests will be fine. Did I mention that he is doing amazingly well? I am thanking God for this.

Since he's started chemotherapy 8 days ago,  he has cut his morphine dosage to almost nothing, has his color back, is not nauseated, is eating well, is dancing with me (2 weeks ago, he couldn't walk and had difficulty dressing himself- he was using a cane!), he's not really taking naps, cracking jokes (a week ago, he was so sick he didn't have much to say other than 'yes' or  'no' is response to a question), and he seems happy. *Exhale* What a relief.  I am happy to see him happy again!

We are continuing to  protect Terence from virus' and such- the whole family masks up as per our doctors orders since his immune system is and will be suppressed/compromised. 

The kids came over for a visit tonight (first time since he started chemo)- they were just full of questions:

Annie (our 3 yr. old grand daughter): "Papi, why you sick, Papi?  Are you going to fall down and die? Why you sick Papi??? Maybe you ate too much the other day. You will be OK then".

Ethan (our 7 year old grandson): "Where's Papi? What's wrong with him? He looks OK to me, is the medicine like a poison? Did he drink it?"

Bella (our 9 year old grand daughter)- Ran straight into the bathroom to wash and sanitize her hands,then promptly asked where the masks are, then came and gave us hugs. "Ethan, put your mask on! Papi can't handle all your germs! You have really bad germs you know. Hey, these (masks) are really neat; did you know that we don't have to cover my mouth when we cough"?

They've know he's been 'sick' for awhile, but he's never really 'looked' or acted sick (they just saw him sleeping a lot more), until recently- so all of this is sort of new for them.

They are very cute.

This is our prayer (please join us in it): 
"Terence's hope is in the Lord- and his strength will be renewed, He will soar on wings like eagles (through chemotherapy), He will run and not grow weary,                and he will walk and not be faint".                (Isa 40:31) 

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