Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The chemo is catching up

The chemo is catching up-(but we're still praying!)- T is becoming sensitive/nauseated by smells, starting to get the mouth sores and super sensitive skin (our 300 thread count Egytptian bed sheets feel like sand paper on his skin!) and he's still really tired. Time to go back on   Zofran!                                                                                         An added blessing to the chemo is that it is helping in the cancer related pain- so T is still down to 30 mg's of morphine a day (compared to over 200 prior to starting).
 This is our prayer (please join us in it):  "Our hope is in the Lord- and Terence's strength will be renewed even through chemotherapy; he will soar on wings like eagles, he will run and not grow weary, and he will walk and not be faint". (Isa 40:31) 
Amen! Thanks Lord!

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