Friday, November 4, 2011

He smiles!

Cycle One, Day 4
by sherry

Day 4: Terence awoke with a smile on his face...even as I write this, 
I can hear him in the family room laughing with Eric and Travis. Yay!

Days one, two and three were tiring, and somewhat
confusing days for him, but today, he's soaring on wings of eagles,
as has been our prayer (Isa. 40:31).

My sister Charla left yesterday (I was sad to see her go, but I am sure her own family is happy to have her back!) and Travis and Stacy arrived this morning.  Dinner, more help with sewing terry cloth pillow cases (the hot flashes have gotten worse since he started chemo  so I've been changing the pillow cases several times a night but I quickly discovered that towels are more absorbent and comfortable for him) and wood cutting are on their agenda. What great kids!!!!!

Terence is eating pretty well today- had a small appetite at breakfast and lunch, but he's eating and enjoying it.  I believe he'll do well on this! I on the other hand, haven't really been eating since he started chemo (too busy, too nervous)- and I woke up this morning feeling really run downI scolded myself for not keeping up my immune system- if I get sick, I have to isolate myself from him until I'm symptom free.

One thing I realized this morning was that I don't have the privilege of sleeping in- since I'm the only one who understands Terence's medicine schedule (besides my sister)!!! So, as usual...I am ever mindful of delegating... I re-created it to where he and others could easily follow it, without having to chart all the smaller details. This will enable me to sleep in if I'm sick or tired- hoorah!

This is our prayer (please join us in it):
"Terence's hope is in the Lord-
  and his strength will be renewed,
  He will soar on wings like eagles
(through chemotherapy),

He will run and not grow weary,
and he will walk and not be faint"
(Isa 40:31) 

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