Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6-feeling better on chemo

CHEMO CYCLE: one, day 6
by sherry
Wow. Terence is doing really well. Other than a little nausea and fatigue, he is better than he has been in a year. 
If you remember, it was a little less than two weeks ago that he had gotten to the point where he could barely walk because the cancer had progressed pretty heavily in his pelvic/abdomen region and morphine wasn't even enough to even dull the pain.  Six days on chemo and we have been able to reduce his morphine dosage by more than half.

Go figure- that someone on is feeling better on chemo than if they were not on it!  God is so good.

I understand that chemo is cumulative and that with each cycle it will become more toxic to his system, but we are also praying that the Lord will carry Terence through this and we believe that He is.  

Since it's Sunday Terence preached at service- and made it through with out needing to rest.  I on the other hand, wasn't able to outrun an 18 hour virus so I isolated myself for a time.

Travis and Stacy came and are spending the week-end here; they took over my chores which enabled me to spend yesterday in bed- not having to worry about meals and cleaning. What great kids they are.

This is our prayer (please join us in it):
"Terence's hope is in the Lord-
  and his strength will be renewed,
  He will soar on wings like eagles
(through chemotherapy),

He will run and not grow weary,
and he will walk and not be faint"
(Isa 40:31) 

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