Thursday, November 24, 2011

We are rich!

Thanksgiving day, 2011
Cycle 2/day 24 of chemo
by sherry

Today is Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful that Terence and I were able to spend it with all of our (grown) children, grand kids, nephews, friends and extended family.  How rich are we????

Terence had a rough go of it today- the fatigue is overwhelming at times. His pain is subsiding somewhat; it seems the first 24 hours of a chemo treatment really helps manage the pain. Terence is usually feeling great relief from cancer related pain. 

Terence awoke to feel the effects of the chemo and curled up with a blanket on the sofa. I read to him from my bible; It was a very timely scripture and I was very blessed by its encouragement:

"God, who is rich in mercy."
~ Ephesians 2:4 
 I am so grateful for his mercy~ He pours out upon us each new day. 
Our deepest thanks to you for your prayer support as T went through his recent chemo treatment- the area where they inserted the PICC line is understandably very tender, but appears to be healing nicely. He showers with saran wrap around it to keep it dry- I checked on him tonight, he was standing in the shower with his arm straightened up over his head, saran wrap unraveling and looking a little irritated!

He is experiencing several days of flushing of his cheeks. They get very hot and very pink and a bit swollen. This happened after his last round of chemo so I think it's a side effect. This round  has introduced some side effects today that are new to him. We would be grateful for your prayers for the nausea and to be able to keep down his food. 

God’s mercy is wondrous and I thank Him for it each moment. Your love is wondrous, too, and I thank you and Him very humbly for it.

Blessings to you all!
This is our prayer (please join us in it):   
"Our hope is in the Lord- and Terence's strength will be renewed through chemotherapy; 
he will soar on wings like eagles, he will run and not grow weary,
and he will walk and not be faint". (Isa 40:31)



  1. I love this picture of you two together. Pure beauty. On all levels - inside, outside, upside - all sides.
    Happy Thanksgiving Luttrells. You are rich.

  2. We have also journied through cancer and back out. I had cancer in the last stage and had little chance. It has been 8 years as of October and God is so good. Praying for you and yours. Many blessings through this holiday season.