Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jounral entry by Terence

Terence and Cead
Day 18- Chemo/cycle one
by terence

I've been feeling pretty good for a few days now. My blood tests came back white blood cell count has risen just in time for my next chemo treatment next Tuesday.  Since I've started the chemo therapy, I have been up and able to walk and much to Sherry's delight I can hold a normal conversation (pain has a way of dulling ones conversation skills). So Sherry has been really happy to have me back in the game somewhat- in fact as I opened my eyes this morning, there she was, standing over my side of the bed still in her pajamas, doing a happy dance singing "today's going to be a great day Terence!".  She has been looking forward to spending some quality outdoor time together ("not sucky sick cancer time" as she calls it).  Sometimes it seems that I have been sick for so long now and we've forgotten so much of our love for the outdoors.

Back packing, camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, swimming in the ocean, biking, river rafting..snow the past our days were filled with outdoor recreation.  As a recreation director, there wasn't much that I didn't do- always taking Sherry and/or the kids with me.  We are beginning to really, really miss that.
Sooooo.....unfortunately I ended up spending a better part of the day resting.... I still get really tired, sometimes it hits me suddenly and there is no way I can keep from finding the couch. Today was one of those days and fortunatley there was a monsoon outside, making it a good day to stay inside.....  typical of the pacific northwest, rains and winds were heavy.  Living off of the harbor, we can get a storm or two that leave the cedar trees somewhat 'disarranged'.  From afar, our property looks picturesque like it has been framed with cedar boughs.  In reality it's tree branches from our 90 foot cedars that have fallen around the property edges. 
We ended up making the best of the situation and rode out the storm....Sherry and I caught an old movie On Demand. On the couch. With a roaring fire in the fireplace.  If I have to be stuck inside, I couldn't think of anyone better to be stuck with!

(Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses).

Talk to you all later, and thanks so much for praying for me.


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