Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good days

Day 15, cycle one/chemo
by sherry

Terence has had really good days....almost NO pain and nausea, even the mouth sores and metal mouth ceased (anti-bacterial mouth wash and special tooth paste and prayer).

He still gets a little fatigued, but not much. He's been resting when he needs to. It's been a good 2 weeks.  He's in the doc's office as I write this (he can drive again, yay!), with his day 15 requisition for blood tests, and he will have another chemo infusion next Tuesday.  We are continuing to pray that even though chemo is 'cumulative', he will soar through it while it is blasting those rebellious cancer cells.

It's kind of funny, because once he starts feeling better, we both get bored and start feeling like we can/should/want to do more, and want to pick up the speed at which we used to live.  All it takes though is one bad day, and then we remember how exhausting and almost impossible that is when one is dealing with cancer to this degree.

I've been getting impatient with cancer, almost angry at times. I look at Terence and despise that disease.  We have been fasting and praying for about 3 weeks now and the longer I do, the angrier I get at the disease- it has driven me to the point where I have become very intolerant of it and refuse to let it take it's toll on us.  Stupid cancer.

 This is our proclamation:
(please join us in it):   
"Our hope is in the Lord- and Terence's strength will be renewed even through chemotherapy; he will soar on wings like eagles, he will run and not grow weary,
and he will walk and not be faint". (Isa 40:31) 

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