Friday, August 13, 2010

Live above in your decisions

Today Ternce was feeling pretty well, so we went to the races.....(go-carts!).......with Callie, Chloe and Bella.  It was the first outing Terence and I have had since he started the clinical trial 9 weeks ago.  He really hadn't had the energy or strength.  It was great being outside, laughing and feeling the sunshine.

He is resting now, probably down for the rest of the evening- it took a lot out of him! 

The doctor prescribed  morphine for pain management this week (ugh.  Made me cry at first)....but after several days of thinking and praying about it, we decided that morphine is a road we are not willing to go down.  In fact, he is de-toxing his body from all the narcotics and we are praying for simple, natural ways to deal with pain.  We both feel that morphine is a sure bet to a sedentary life and just the begining to the end of a story that we are not willing to have written for us.

As we walk in this path (learning how to live above the cancer & not letting it rule us), it's a path of trust.  In this path, trying to figure out God's (better) plan is not always possible.  So we face situations that simply will require faith with seemingly illogical decisions....we can't fear making the wrong decisions regarding Terence's health care.  So we make decisions to the best of our ability in Terence's best interest and choose not to walk in fear, but instead trust that God will go with us in it.

"Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord God is with you where ever you go"  Joshua 1:9

Sure wish there was a cure for cancer, but until then, we trust that this decision and the next and the next will be just fine.

That said-----------besides daily exercise,  daily massages, lots of rest, deep breathing.....any ideas? (No supplements allowed while he is on TOK-001 trial)

Thanks everyone!


  1. You are an inspiration to everyone of what you are going thru. I do hope and pray that no matter what, this cancer will come to a complete stop. With this saying, I do pray that god does heal you, so we all will be able to see you more often. I have learned in the past, to show those who I care about, how much I actually care, and love. Take care! Travis

  2. Thank you Travis!
    That means so much to Terence & I!
    Love Sherry