Saturday, August 21, 2010



By Terence   8.21.10

It just dawned on me that I was taking the same pain medicine as Dr. House (oxycodone/vicadin) for 'quality of life' (QOL) pain management.

However taking this medicine does not make me smarter as it does House…on the contrary, it severely fogs my brain, rendering me to an almost vegetative state whereby simple decisions or instructions are difficult or completely forgotten.

 It also brings about bowel obstructions, severe itching and makes it hard to wake up in the morning. Not a good way to go through life! 

So I began the process of cutting back on my pain meds-not an easy thing to do (because I am in pain). However, after three weeks, I have successfully cut out 75% of the oxycodone previously taken.
Not only do I feel better, but I have regained my faculties! So nice to be able think again!

At the writing of this TerenceFlash I have started the fifth of five consecutive days where I feel pain at a lower grades and energy at highs not experienced for many months!

 Praise God, I say (how else could I take less pain meds and feel less pain)?

 So, thanks to all my friends for the prayers you have lifted up on my behalf. Keep knocking on Heaven’s door and we will see these rebellious cancer cells flee from my body. I believe it and receive it!



  1. I am soooooooooo happy to "have you back"-----thanks for managing the pain---we all love having you around~!

    Proud of you~ and we're always here to help you.

    love you honey!

  2. I'm sorry that you're in pain, but am VERY impressed that you have decided to battle it without the drugs. You're in our prayers always and I am so grateful for the times we can visit! Love You!!!!

  3. Daisy-
    I am impressed too!
    Hey- thanks for praying for us- but even more so- thanks for being here for us and walking through this with us.....friendships tried and true........

  4. You have an awsome attitude throughout this entire illness. Your beleaf in god is what is helping you, each and every day. I know that I am always thinking, and hoping the best for you. All I will say is this, is I do hope that we all get some time in the near future to be able to see one another again, and that is a goal I do have. That there would be a blessing for all of us
    I am impressed with what is going on, and just keep up the good work! Just ask god to keep this in his hands, but you and him work on this as well. In the meantime, take care!! Love you and Sherry!!

  5. Terence, I am so thankful that God is answering so many of our prayers. Your strength to endure and relief from the pain are definite signs that God is involved in your life! I know in my heart he will heal you completely, he told you that you would live to your 80's and I believe you will!!! Love you!!!!! Charla

  6. AWESOME. Love, Brook

  7. I know I shouldn't be reading this, but it's so nice to read this. All the positivity from Pop, and all the prayers from everyone else really makes me not being there a whole lot easier. Miss and love you guys!

    Love, Eric

  8. Eric, we miss you too. Tremenously. You are such a LARGE part of who we are as a family, I miss your sense of humor and gentleness of a son and for quierkiiness as an uncle.

    Lots of people are praying and helping us through. We have good friends and family- you don't have to worry, you can remain focused on "soldiery"-keep praying from a position of faith in God goodness and everything will always be oK even if times seems tough. He'll always be good to us,
    Love Mom.