Monday, August 23, 2010

Fatty dinner request?

Clarify Please....what's a fatty dinner? I thought I knew what was best!

Terence is a part of a clinical study for a medicine called TOK-001—right now it’s the most promising experimental treatment for hormone resistant prostate cancer (HRPC). It is still in Phase I. (a phase I trial: Researchers test an experimental drug or treatment in a small group of people for the first time. The purpose is to evaluate its safety and identify side effects). During this trial, more information is gained (via experimental treatment) about its risks, and its effectiveness).

So here is an amusing tid-bit. We received a phone call from the lead oncologist for the trial. He told Terence he should try eating fattier foods, because in “like” studies, it shows that the medicine is easier metabolized.

I am amused. We’ve just spent the last 14 months learning how to eat right, re-training our habits and have a genuine commitment to it! We’ve met with cancer nutritionists and nutritionists in general; have increased our grocery bill (organic and healthy foods are more expensive), and I have had to learn how to cheerfully cook healthy dinners!!!!!!!!!!!

We haven’t had further clarification- but I am guessing our Dr. is referring to “good” fats, such as avocados and such, not pizza, hamburgers, ice cream or nachos, right?

Meanwhile, Terence decided to have Pizza for lunch :)  That’ll probably come to end tomorrow when our Dr. calls back to put in plain words what a “fattier” dinner is!

We had a good day today. Friends Cory and Beth came to spend some time with us. It was uplifting and fun ( they shared pizza with us!),         We skyped with our eldest son Eric (in Chicago) and in general, just had a happy day.

Prayer request: We need wisdom when to listen and trust the doctors and when to discern what’s right for ourselves.


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  1. Having a "fattier" dinner. What I wonder is this. Is his health improving and the medicine is actually taking care of the cancer? I really wonder, if at all, those that are dealing with all types of cancer, will this be the way, that cancer will be treated? I wonder about this now! It is very interesting, and I do hope that Terence will prevail from this. We all need to learn from this as well. Travis