Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Terence Luttrell

Wow, my life has changed! Never before have I been unable to plan for the future or strategize my next move on this chess board called life. Sherry calls it “the new normal”.  How the new normal plays out is day by day. It is not a life of “reaction” to circumstances or one of resigning myself to hopelessness. On the contrary, it is a life filled with increased faith and trust in Him whose Name I call upon.

The book of Luke says it this way in chapter 12 verse 26: “If you then are not able to do the least, why are you anxious for the rest?” Upon reading this scripture I immediately thought of people who open their refrigerator door to find it full of food. However, the first thought that comes to their mind is “how am I going to afford to fill this fridge again in two weeks?” This is a clear example of a person who worries about the future instead of receiving the blessing of now.

My life now reflects a new normal. It consists of thanking God daily for His wonderful provision and trusting Him in His healing power. My faith is strengthened daily. Honestly, I don’t know what I am going to do next week-today has enough concerns of its own. Maybe I will go fishing next week; take a long walk in the rain with Sherry; perhaps play some Texas hold em. Whatever I do, I know God is with me, and quite frankly-that is all I need!


  1. TOAKAI day tomorrow (Aug.11)- Yuck. Those are difficult days- prayers are always appreciated!

    Terence has been having quite a bit of pain- and taken off of pain meds so the doctor can try to identify what is causing the liver problems. That has been dofficult to watch....Now I know why I pray in the Spirit- my sadness can be so deep, I just don't know what to say....and the Holy SPiirit strengthens me.

  2. Hi! Thinking of you and are in my prayers:)

  3. I could wish your life story did not include this cancer path.....but wishing won't change it, and in His sovereign love and wisdom, because of His plan, our Father God has allowed it. So, I pray for your spirits,your souls....for His I AM, all of Him, to be very evident and real, experienced in the now by each member of your family. A wise senior woman prayed recently, Lord, YOUR time is our time......trusting in His perfect time and asking Him to help you gain every morsel of the good things in the midst of such unfathomable pain, that He wants to impart. Love you tons!!!!!