Monday, August 16, 2010

Know Peace, No fear

August 16, 2010- (Sherry)

Terence is making a valiant attempt to stay off the narcotics- but the pain was so overwhelming this weekend (even with Ibuprofin ‘therapy’ and lots of rest)- he needed oxycodone to take an edge off the pain. With that realization came a little bit of depression for me. I was really hoping he could pull this off. I guess I was thinking “if he can live without pain pills, maybe the cancer isn’t so bad after all”.  All I can say is that Terence is not a advocate for prescription pills, so if he needs pain meds. his body must be really hurting!  He still refuses morphine- (I am glad for that).

Other than ministering on Sunday Terence rested, did some light yard work and despite the backdrop of cancer (and fatigue), we had fun this weekend.  Today he seems raring to go! It’s 5 pm, he hasn’t napped and he is outside making plans on building a walk way out front.  Life almost seems normal!!!!

I try not to allow anxiety to take over- which is easy long as I don’t I stop doing what I am doing and start thinking why I am doing it (then I remember that Terence has cancer).   But staying busy and brainless doesn’t always work. The answer for me is this: I need to remind myself that the Lord is good, and that everything will be OK.

Know Peace, no fear.

That's where I am at today.


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