Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When the report come back and doesn’t look good, we are reminded that God is still faithful.


We spent a better part of today at the UW research clinic for Terence’s weekly TOK-001 appointment.

It didn’t get off to a very good start- but he was a trooper. We had several RN’s and a phlebotomist present to draw his blood, but no such luck.  It was 7 “sticks” later (his arms are black & blue) before they gave up and took him up to the lab.  I felt really sorry for him, since he wasn't feeling too good in the first place.  He is a polite patient though.

Summary of this week’s appointment:

His liver enzymes are down (that’s good news: they have been rising since the experimental drug is metabolized in his liver, this organ is of particular interest)!

His Bilirubin count is high. This is indicative of gallstones. Which are on the move and casuing him  pain (I personally think the TOK-001 is partial cause...but no proof).

He has over all body itching & nausea. Also indicative of gall bladder problems.

His heart is strong !

His kidney is great!

Though he has been having gall bladder concerns, Dr. Montgomery would like to monitor it rather than take him into surgery (if he has surgery, he will have to come off the trial). He would like to try and wait, since Terence will be done with the trial in 3 weeks. So, we are on a watch and see. The gallbladder pain is episodic, and so we will just have to measure the severity and hope and pray he doesn’t have an emergency surgery.

His PSA is up from 9.7 to 12.7.  That’s not good.  It’s been on the rise.... consecutively- (He is determined to be hormone refractory- it seems there is no medicine to stop the cancer growth).

We got home around 1:30 PM and he has been sleeping since (it’s 4 PM).  He was flushed with body aches/joint pain and fatigue swept over him and he needed rest.  He is still not on any new pain medications (an oversight on our part).  But I spoke with the trial director this afternoon and they are wondering if some form of morphine is the best option at this point.

So……here we are….learning how to live above the cancer. When the report come back and doesn’t look good…..we are reminded that God is still faithful. When I see Terence in pain, I remind myself that God is still faithful.  He has not abandoned us (though at times I may be tempted to feel that way)!He is faithful and will continue to hold onto us.

Isa: 63:9 “….and He lifted them up and carried them”.

Next week is another TOK-001 appointment. Please pray with us that his liver remains healthy, healing for his gall bladder (no emergency surgery!), and that his PSA will go down!

Thanks for your support!!!!




  1. I will pray for those things specifically. You two are both a reminder that God is faithful.I mean look at how you two face something that tears others apart. That is an inspriration. Here in Korea, when you speak of God and His ability to a just seems to be a given to know that God is always faithful. I don't really come across the doubt that creeps up in the majority of Western culture. Be lifted up and encouraged that you are already know that there is NOthing too hard for Him.

  2. Sherry and Terence - thinking of you. Sherry- sorry I was out when you called. Will give you a call tomorrow. I like the blogging. Love, Brook