Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TOKAI Tomorrow!

8/10/10  By Sherry

Tomorrow is another Tokai day.......those are always challenging days for me.  I guess because that's wen we are face to face with cancer. 

Even though I live with it every day, Terence doesn't 'look' like a cancer patient- he has all of his hair! It's only when we enter into the cancer culture at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance- am I faced with the true ugliness of the disease.

(For those of you who have not kept up with this unfolding and unwanted drama- Terence has by-passed standard mmedical care for the prostate cancer....so he is on a clinical trial called TOK-001). 

Quick update:
  • Terence has been off of all pain meds for about 5 days now because he has been having some liver/gall bladder issues.  The dr. needs to be able to isolate what is causing it.
  • He may have to have his gall bladder removed.
  • He is still on TOK-001- and we are praying the liver/gall bladder issues don't interupt this.
  • He still has some severe ups and downs of fatigue.
  • He has gained back his cognitive/memory skills,
  • A tumor has metasisized to his spine & his PSA continues to rise.
  • The original tumor hasn't shrunk, but the tumor(s) on his sternum and lymp nodes from his last scan (3.10)  have disappeared!
  • > That's about it. Every day I pray for health to his bones and healing to his body-------Thanks for joining me!

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