Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maybe it’s a ‘man-thing’

Terence finds himself in some considerable pain.  Fatigue, aches and pains in the joints & bone- you name it; he walks with a small limp because of hip pain (he won’t admit that, he just says, “I have sloppy joints”).  Perhaps it was loading the firewood, or rolling around under his truck (to fix something)?   He pushes his body over the edge (in my opinion).  I quit yelling at him, because I figured (1) I’m not his mom and (2) maybe he needs it.  Maybe it’s a ‘man-thing’.  I don’t know!!

He takes morphine once or twice a day (that’s the only thing that works) and he is able to get through the week.  He basically slept through Eric’s homecoming.  Two things happened; one he picked up some kind of virus and basically spent the week-end on the couch feeling achy from head to toe. Additionally, his hip started hurting with a bit more severity than he has experienced in quite some time.  Must be those  ‘sloppy  joints’.  Ha. ha.

Most of the time it is impossible for him to get comfortable  (at times he can hardly move). Ibuprofin, Tylenol , Oxycodone, oxycontin dilaudid-don’t help (that’s where the morphine enters the picture) and helps him sleep somewhat  at night.  He doesn’t  have full leg motion but he still walks a mile or two every day on the treadmill.  His last bone scan show  continued/ extensive arthritis/bone degeneration throughout his entire body, especially his joints.  This is due to the continued use of Lupron- and lack of needed hormones. 

Additionally, cancerous lymph nodes push against his bladder and is another source of the pain & discomfort  he experiences pretty much all the time.

Because of all of this- (limited physical abilities ) there are times when we just have to realize that he can't do everything he used too- and let people help us.  We’ve have always been the type to help our friends, family, etc. (regardless of what the need was) but Terence  finds it difficult to ask for help.  I keep telling him “other people like to lend a hand as well!” .  He nods, “yes, I know”,  but keeps pushing himself.  *sigh. Oh well. Like I said, maybe it's a 'man thing".

Well- that's it for today. I've got dinner to get ready. He's in the house, showered and ready to eat.  I'm guessing tonight will be a movie night!


  1. Sherry,

    I'm so very happy to find your blog. My husband of 29 years was diagnosed March 18, 2011 with prostate cancer. I think we're just getting past the numbness..You and Terrance and your family will be in my prayers. Stay Strong.

  2. Thank you very much for your prayers. We too, will be praying for you and yours. Cancer has a stunning effect, I felt like my legs were kicked out from under me and it took me a solid year to gain my "balance back" and live with a new normal.

    Now, going on year #2, we are really trying to live above it so it doesn't have such a ruling effect on our daily lives. That's hard, but we're trying.

    Terence is on month 21 (they gave him 9- 18 months to live- and he is still strong.......
    thank God!

    Hope we stay in touch!