Thursday, March 24, 2011

Umbrellas are nice

By Sherry 3.24.11

I was wondering what I should write about today.  I decided to write about things that make me happy.
This is one way to live above cancer.

I took this picture yesterday, because the landscape, angles and colors caught my eye.
The sight of all of them collectively together made me happy. The umbrellas added a nice touch .

  I am happy because my youngest son is home and doing well at school and work. 

I am really happy that Eric is coming home after being gone for a year- from serving in the navy.

I am happy that little Annie came over today and did her yoga class on TV.

                 I am happy that Callie has cleared off the dinner table to make room for her puzzle.                 This is something she used to do with her great grandma 
and I am happy she has good memories.

I am happy that Terence's friend came to Seattle  to see him.  
It's been 30 years and they picked up where they left off.

I am happy that in my dad's old age,  he is close by. 

I am happy about all these things, and none of these have anything to do with cancer.

 I can finally see things other than cancer,
and that makes me happy.

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  1. I'm happy because you're you!