Thursday, March 10, 2011

(20 month report): PSA up

By Sherry 3/10/2011

Evident by the hour this is being written, I haven't been getting very much sleep!  Terence hasn't been feeling well for about 5 days- not sure what's up.

After having such an awesome streak of well being, it seems weird to see him like he used to be; tired, achy, sluggish.  He went to see his primary caregiver (and good friend); blood tests were taken and a current PSA.

His red blood cell counts are down and his PSA up and on the rise by about 10 points in just under a month.  His PSA has been on a downward trend (as hoped) since January. We have been hoping it would continue for as long as possible!

Terence has his oncology appointment on the 23rd; so we'll see what Dr. M has to say.  Keep Terence in Prayer, we're hoping that the therapy he is on hasn't reached it's end date. If so, we're on to the next thing.

Meanwhile, Terence is trying to balance rest with exercise.  He is staying plenty busy with the ministry (preaching at a new church in Seattle in a few weeks) and has a goal set on a spring bear hunt in Montana with his brother Dan.  I decided to tag along and stay at the cabin. Actually it's spring break, so Nadine, Mike and the kids will be joining us! That will be really fun.

Thanks all!

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