Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Happy holidays" is not something taken lightly for us.

Our "National Lampoon" /ugly sweater Christmas eve!
The saying "Happy holidays" is not something we take lightly.

We had a  great holiday- kept celebrations  easy/breezy. Humor being at the heart of our family celebrations these days.  

This time last year, we didn't know what to expect.  It wasn't very a very happy holiday (although we tried). We still don't know what's a head, but this year we're happy.  In the midst of very serious circumstances, we are finding that being light hearted  is helping us maintain some sanity and regain some happiness of the day.

New things-   Terence has had some memory lapses and confusion-

It can get a little frustrating and hard for personality type I think. But I am trying!!!.

Typical conversation:
S- Have you seen the remote control?
T- Oh yeah right over there.
S- Here? really? Where? (looking, looking, looking), it;s not here....
T- Oh, I thought you were looking for your phone .  Here is  your phone.
S- Thanks but I don't need my phone right now; do you know where the remote is?
T - oh that. It's over there . 
S-Where, there? (looking, looking, looking).
T- Oh, no, I guess not.  I thought it was. Hmmm... Maybe not. I guess not.  I saw right here.
    Here is your phone though.
S- Nooo, didn't ask for the phone...
T- Really? I thought you did.
S- Nooooooo. I ASKED if you knew where the remote was. It was right here about an hour ago,
     in the drawer, where it's supposed tom be. Where did it go?
T- I don't know. Haven't seen it for about an hour.
S- (After a few more rounds I am frustrated and I give up and go to laundry room to start the  
      washer.... and I  find t remote control there).
S- What's the remote doing in here?
T- Oh the remote? I was changing the batteries about an hour ago. It needed new batteries. 
S- Why didn't you tell me that when I was running around looking for it?
T- Didn't think of it.
S-WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T THINK OF IT? ..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's just the remote!!!!!

(Up date, January 7, 2011: We've recently found out the changes in his cognitive behavior was negative side effect between Ketoconazole and one of is other drugs!!   We have since made the necessary adjustments- so he'ss getting better every day).


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