Sunday, December 19, 2010

First today, then tomorrow

Handing out presents this morning.
Today was a terrific day. We were up and at'em and out the door ready to minister. Terence gave presents to all the kids this morning.  He enjoyed picking out little toys for all the kids.  We did have a long day (and late night); he came home feeling tired  but  it was worth it.

Terence has been feeling a little on the yucky side, but over all anything is better than  TOK-001!  He is on the trial and error side in regards how to deal with pain, nausea, new side effects etc. We're finding that can be consuming.  It consumes ones energy~ both mental and physical so we're trying now days to just move forward. 

"First today, then tomorrow"  is our new motto!   Good words to live by.

I am finding that I have some new energy.  I think the clinical trial sapped me of a lot of my strength- the 'not knowing' and watching Terence get sicker and sicker was difficult.... so much uncertainty.  Not that today is any different.....but I seem to be a little stronger.  Must be answered prayers!

This is "Christmas week"! We are facing it with much more anticipation than last year!  A year has brought a little more maturity in the cancer arena: not as shocked and stunned as we were last year.  Still keeping everything really simple though.

Eric will be home on leave in a few days and our youngest son Andrew is also coming home from Korea! Our daughter-in-law Callie has a birthday this week and we will also be sharing the holidays with Jon, the kids' first cousin on the Duenas side. Full house- family, gotta love it.  We're spending Christmas-eve here with appetizers and stocking stuffers and Christmas morning will be at our daughter Nadine's house- she and her husband Mike have three kids, Bella, Ethan and Annie...our hearts joy especially during this time.

Thanks for all your prayers......they work! Thanks Lord!

Merry Christmas!

December 19, 2010


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