Thursday, December 23, 2010

Week three on this new treatment

Grand kids inspecting the presents!

Week three on this new treatment is leaving  me feeling  tired and fatigued; running a fever with chills, dizzy, nauseated and having some memory loss and confusion  (so says Sherry; I have recollection of memory loss!).
My next oncology appointment is December 29th-and hopefully  we'll find  the treatment is lowering my PSA   (last test showed my PSA had risen from 53 to 143 in 2 weeks)!


I love Christmas!  We love decorating and wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music and drinking eggnog!  My favorite thing to do is shop for small stocking stuffers.  Sherry really inspires my joy in Christmas — I don’t know anyone that owns the amount of decorations she does or who put them up so early or leaves them up so late. When our kids were little, every room would be decorated and she would fill up our living room with  presents~  she didn’t buy expensive gifts, but would create home made gifts and buy small things....but there would get a lot for the kids because she loves to watch them open them.

This year, we’ve scaled down on the decorations and got a small tree due to the fact that I haven’t been feeling well.  Sherry thought that pulling all her decorations out of storage was too much work for her at the moment.  And I agree.   A scaled down Christmas is not a bad thing.  We also decided to forgo presents for one another and donate to another family.  That  was a great idea!

This will be our second Christmas as a family living with cancer but we haven’t let it spoil any of our celebrations and are even coming up with some new traditions.  In fact, this year we are rarely thinking about the disease — we are too busy enjoying our family time together!

I have so much to be thankful for: Andrew surprised us tonight by coming home early, and Eric is home on leave, so we’ll have our entire family together on Christmas day!

May your heart and home be filled with the joy of Jesus this Christmas~ as mine is!


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