Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's only a word!

My thoughts & prayer
Terence's own body has turned against him.
It is only a word!
But it is a weight pressing me down.
Help us not to fear.
Terence is more than this one word,
more this diagnosis and this set of symptoms. 
He is so much more. 
He is created in Your image Lord!

Medical update:
  • Terence's PSA continuing to rise  (from 53 to 143 in 13 days), now triple time.
  • His liver enzymes still high (his body still detoxing the trial drug)- but expected to go down soon.
  •  He is able to manage body pain without morphine or methadone since stopping the clinical trial- hooray!
  •  Started ketoconazole and prednisone this week in the attempt to knock down the PSA quickly and will stay on it as long as he can tolerate it and it continues to work.
  • Next oncology appointment December 29th.

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