Friday, December 10, 2010

I've learned something about those who call themselves friends.

It's tough sometimes retiring      to bed at night feeling sick, followed by a morning of more of the same; body aches, various pain and relentless nausea.  However, through the last 16 months of battling a terminal disease, I have come to learn many things. 

I believe that most men live a lifetime not knowing how many friends they have or how much they are loved.  I realize that I am a blessed man; I know family and friends from my past not only remember me but consider me. 

I've learned something about those who call themselves friends.  True friendships no matter how old, never die

Thanks Teddy Callahan for staying in contact; Danny Rose for stories that make us both laugh and Ed Goetz and Chad Cheever for encouraging me. 

I guess friends and laughter 
are the best medicine!

Terence Luttrell

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  1. Very true. We've reconnected with old friends who are walking through this with us. Who would've ever known?

    Thank you Lord for friends of the past. True friends. Faithful friends.

    Love it. Love you. Love them.