Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"We are without fear or dred of evil".

July 23, 2012
by sherry

Not much to report on today; cumbersome  stuff; Terence's hospice nurse came by and flushed all necessary tubes and the doc increased Terences pain meds significantly.

Our oncologist is scheduling him to have the abdominal fluid aspirated as well as change out the left nephrostomy tube. Hopefully we can get it scheduled this week...our family is trying to schedule a week long trip to Ocean Shores--we are hoping Terence can recover nicely by a Pacific Northwest beach :)

They are talking about adding another drainage tube from his abdomen. Terence just told me he doesn't want it; that would be four tubes protruding from his body and four possible sites for infection. He has been very tired today- he spent most of the day trying to overcome pain.It's 11:04 PM and that's still a goal!

On a great note, our pastors and some 20 odd year mentors Doug and Ellen Heck with Kerry Smith came over tonight and spent some time ministering to us; (having been pastors for about 20 years, we're usually the ones 'pastoring').  For Terence, they prayed for continued strength, healing and hope to rise up in Terence,  and for me well......the fear of death...it's been squeezing the life out of me, death has been an intimidating force working against me.  I was encouraged to find my voice again and speak truth over death and fear loudly and clearly.

So with that, in closing I say this:

“In Jesus’ Name, I make the confession and believe that no weapon formed against us will  prosper, we dwell in the secret place of the Most High God, and shall remain fixed and stable under the shadow of the Almighty, whose power no foe can withstand. 

We have the wisdom of God’s Word dwelling in us, and because it does, We are without fear or dread of evil.  His Word is life and strength to Terence's bones and to our soul.
We are strengthened with the mighty power of the Holy Spirit Who dwells in us. God Almighty is our strength and our refuge, and we confidently trust in Him and His Word. We are endued with power from on high through our union with God Almighty, which gives us the Supernatural strength to walk in divine health and live prosperously" Amen.

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