Friday, July 13, 2012

The gift of touch

Terence & Sherry

The past few days have been harder than usual-although Terence is recovering nicely from a raging infection that showed itself with a 104.9 fever last Friday evening, it's left him really weak and tired.

It's tough.  When he's feeling (relatively) well, the topics of our discussions are normal (the grand kids, the kids, the ministry, the yard.....) when he's not well it's tough for Terence to think of anything beyond "getting through the moment at hand".  It's true.

Today, simple tasks are taking so much effort and focus.  Bathroom, shower, eating, walking about, reaching for water......I immediately realize that my concerns about yard work, taking the trash out, paying bills.....are non-issues for Terence at times like this. 

This is when all he wants is prayer, water and a gentle touch. 

Sometimes when I see him struggle it makes me mad.  Not at him but at everything else.
When I am in that mood I become easily irritated and fall into a "work" mode; an intense need to get things done for Terence- but I catch myself totally missing what he really needs.  He doesn't need the lawn mowed.  He doesn't need the carpet vacuumed or laundry folded.  He only needs me to touch him.  Sometimes (like tonight) everything going on inside of him is so intense he can't stop shaking.  
A touch calms him.

Jesus frequently touched people.  In a world so devoid of human contact, especially genuinely affectionate and non-sexual contact, so many people just need to be touched.

Thank you  Lord for the gift of touch. To receive the affectionate touch from a friend or loved one is precious. To be able to share a gentle touch with my husband is such a great gift. Help me to use this gift generously.  In Jesus' name. Amen.


  1. What a beautiful story and you are right just a touch makes everything okay for now. Its the calming effect.. I have read all your posts and I am very touched. My husband was diagonosed last June 29th 2011 and he was a lucky one..I wish for you the strenghth to keep going for your husband...You are such a beautiful couple..