Monday, July 23, 2012

"O Wau Me Oe Kealoha A O Oe Kealoha" I am my beloveds' and my beloved is mine

Trying on my Holoku.
July 23, 2012
by sherry
This is a picture that my sister took with her phone today- I am trying on my 'Holoku' (Hawaiian wedding dress and Maile leaf 'haku' (head band) and lei.  The dress (which still needs altering) arrived today in preparation for the renweal of our vows when we go home to Hawaii in about 8 weeks.
It couldn't have arrived at a better time........ I've blogged these past few days/weeks, Terence has been having an increasing difficult time.  We had some tough news today. Terence has been dealing with acities (most likely from liver mets)..... the doctor told us today that he may have only a few weeks left.....

The dress arrived......and  I tried it on for Terence and that gave us a goal; our wedding, 8 weeks away. Of course our hope is more than 8 weeks, but that's what we're starting with.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross is working to try and bring our son Eric home (he is overseas on a Mercy mission with the navy).  Terence will be going back into the hospital to have the fluid in his abdomen aspirated (it's toxic fluid)  this week....and we are hoping that our family can get away to Ocean Shores to spend some quality time together- all this within the next few days.

Terence is full of faith. Never wavering, I love that about him. He's the love of my life and I adore him so.

 "O Wau Me Oe Kealoha A O Oe Kealoha" 
  I am my beloveds' and my beloved is mine
 Song of Solomon 6:3

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  1. Lovely picture - saying a prayer for Terence's comfort and time together for your family.