Thursday, May 17, 2012

Terence and our new grand puppy, 'Rocky'
Busy Day
by sherry

We've so busy today-  massage therapy, social workers, nurses, supplies...dressing changes...prescription changes...and we never left our house, woo hoo!

True to their name (Hospice)- they are certainly hospitable.

Terence has been in significant pain, we've spent the past few days trying to get a handle on it-there have been many times in the last 48 hours where he has been 'spent'; his body slumped over but his head bowed.  When I ask him "whatcha doing?" he answers, "I'm asking the Lord to help you through this".



  1. Just as God is so much bigger than we thought when we were younger, so is Love so much bigger than we thought when we were younger. This is true love. Of course, the puppy kissing Terence is very true love, but I am speaking of Terence praying for you in the midst of his pain.

    When we are young, we look for such shallow things in a boyfriend/girlfriend. We just have no idea. What life brings, what love shares. This is true love.

  2. The greatest of all... Terence continues to be an example of Gods' Love. He is one of the greatest!! Sending Love to you all.

  3. Jenni and I find much in your example to both admire and emmulate. Glad we're your friends...glad we can learn with you. Love you both. Praying

  4. Dear Terence & Sherry, What you are enduring is beyond our comprehension. Just know this, Terence, "As long as you're breathing, we're contending." Love in Yeshua, Steve & Bonnie Oakford ><>

  5. I'm crying as I read this... what a precious couple you are, Terrence and Sherry. So full of love. My human heart aches to see you suffer. I continue to pray for God's strength, comfort, love and healing power to hold you up.

  6. Thank you for your prayers.....:) accepting the strength comfort and healing........