Monday, April 23, 2012

Relatively speaking

Seattle today~ April 23, 2012
by sherry

Today was Terence's weekly oncology appointment at UW Medical center.
We enjoyed Seattle's beautiful skyline today- it was absolutely beautiful.  
We are also very thankful to be here in Seattle.  Terence is getting such excellent 
and personal care at University of Washington/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

  Terence's appointment went relatively well; meaning there were no surprise 
procedures or emergency surgeries needed.   I can't remember the last time 
he hasn't had need of some sort of emergency procedure.......
so after only a minor incident of dealing with a blocked Foley catheter/urethra and 
draining his bladder of 600 cc's brackish fluid and heading off a life threatening infection...
I'd say the day went well.  He came home with one more urine bag, but who's counting these days.

So that's good news.

His labs came back good today, everything right and in it's blood transfer needed.

That's good news too!

He's still  in a wheel chair...sort of... but that's due to the lymph edema swelling (it happens when he's on his feet), but he can walk if he had too just not more than a few hundred feet.  
No grocery shopping or trips to Home Depot.  He also started driving again.  
A few weeks ago, this wasn't possible either.

Again, good news!

He's still dealing with nausea and chemo related fatigue, but he can deal with that if it means chemo relieves the cancer related pain.  And so far, it is......

.....good news.

Scans are coming up in a few weeks which will determine whether or not he stays on chemo. Life off of chemo isn't very pleasant and life on chemo is like walking on pins and needles.  

Neither one sounds very pleasant, so we  remain hopeful in a miracle :)

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