Thursday, September 22, 2011

by sherry-

Terence came through surgery very well and has been sleeping all day.  He's on morphine, so I've been able to help him stay on top f the pain.

He's in good spirits (as he always is) and has already had his tiniest visitor Annie- our grand daughter.  As always, she provides comedy relief.  she has been carrying around a generic image of a prostate surgery (thinking it's Terence's)- because she is always so interested in stuff like this.  An hour into recover, and she had already requested the picture of "Papi's owie",  so Nadine (her mother) had to find a picture before Annie started insisting on seeing the real owie!  Cute.

The kids in the hospital cafeteria.
Thank goodness I had help at the hospital today. Whew. Just moving a patient around and dealing with drugs and etc. Etc. is etc. a lot of work!  Our kids were there to help and it's been nice having our son Eric ( a Navy Corpsman) help me with a few things- like showing me how to change parts of the Foley catheter.  My son-law is also A physician assistant, so he helps me oversee the pain management aspect, etc.

Any ways- Terence is resting. The surgery went without a hitch. Hopefully it will alleviate pain and blockage the cancer was causing. We'll know in a few days.

Thanks for your prayers everyone!

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