Thursday, September 15, 2011

As far as seasons, phases and transitions go....

Season changes by sherry
I was outside walking the property today and was bonked on the head - overtaken (literally!) by a host of pine cones falling from the trees!  The squirrels are busy 40 feet above, getting ready for the season change and filling their store houses for winter.

I stopped to watch- being mindful of transitions of all kinds–from one season to another, life phase to life phase. I used to leap past these moments, without much thought- simply checked out, distracted with food, shopping, kids, internetting, etc. never really appreciating what change usually brings and appreciating the past. Now I try to catch myself in those in-between moments.

For me, because of cancer and it's prognoses, there is some grief associated with letting go of the past season and entering the next. Like it or not, I find myself thinking, "was this our last summer together? Was this our last trip to the cabin?".

As far as seasons, phases and transitions go, we are entering into a new one in Terence's health.  We just returned from the surgeons office- after a long morning- of waiting and more consulting with his oncologist, Terence will have surgery next Thursday-  it's only a "TURP-" (which is a resection of the urethra)- the rest of tumor that is crowding his bladder and rectal sling can only be taken care of by chemo, (can't be cut out separately like we hoped!)- so chemo will follow after the surgery. The other option is to remove/take everything out: bladder, prostate and rectum---but no use in doing that until we try chemotherapy & radiation.

  Since it's only a TURP and not major surgery now, we're hoping it will only be out-patient or overnight. If he stays in longer, I will be staying at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance house, downtown.  We'll see.

All his pre-op stuff will be done in the next few days (in Seattle). We're both a little tired but ready to move on and get stuff done.

Meanwhile.... until surgery next week- Terence is starting a new treatment that will 'disable' his bladder function, so he will have to self- cath every few hours.....this will be less painful for him. He starts today.

Keep him in prayer, it will still be a LONG week while he waits!!!

I enjoyed my trip to Vegas (marking the close of summer) was a special trip and very fun (flew out for a reunion with my sisters and first cousins), but upon return I hit the ground running, getting ready for this next phase or season of treatment for Terence.

 Eccl. 3:1
"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven"
The word translated "season" means "a fitting time" or a "set & determined time".  

Now is the time for surgery and chemotherapy.... it is a fitting treatment for Terence right now. And there purpose in this season; a purpose of God through man that is carried into execution.

How long it shall continue, and in what circumstances we are not sure, but the seasons are appointed by God Himself.

A new season is upon us, the squash is almost ready for harvest!
Entering into a new season has anxieties, but Terence & I are trying to trust in the providence of God knowing that He has determined particular things to particular times. 

New season. New purpose. Instead of anxiety, perhaps we can anticipate the good things that the new season is bringing?

Still believing!


  1. Be not anxious
    my daily mantra
    one day at time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time
    each second is precious

  2. Sherry,
    Thanks for sharing and following our journeys on CB.
    I am most moved by your faith and unwavering outlook on this "season" in your lives. My wife and I will certainly be praying for you and Terrance in the coming days!
    May His presence abide with you both.

    Rich and Robin Johnson