Monday, September 5, 2011

Eh. Cancer.

"Eh. Cancer." There aren't many days or times where Terence would say that.....he's typically up beat and positive.  But sometimes cancer gets the best of us.

This has been a painful-struggle-of-a-week for Terence.  The cancerous tumor is seemingly pushing around a bunch of stuff down there (not very technical, but I'm too tired to think of the correct verbage).  Terence's quality of life is a daily struggle and it's so up and down.  He has his monthly oncology appointment on Weds. so he's just trying to hang in there to discuss what his options are -----Dr. M has been discussing a TURP/surgery- so we're wondering if it's time.

HIs PSA results came in- up to 264 (11 points)- but now it's all relative- we're not freaking out over an 11 point jump in a matter of a month, because it has been 50X worse.

Meanwhile it's an "eh, cancer" day.  Not gonna give it much thought today. Too exhausting!


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