Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Medical Up-Date

At Isabelle's baseball game 5/2011
Medical Up-Date

Terence's oncology appointment last week was fairly uneventful, or rather anti-climactic since we knew ahead of time that  his PSA has risen 54 points (up to 158).  We were only a little anxious as to what his next treatment would be.  

Dr. M recommended that Terence double the Ketoconazole dosage from 200 mg 3x a day to 400 mg (3 X day) along with prednisone.  He stated that though it failed in it's first round of treatment it can have an effect on lowering the PSA in 25% of the men who try it at a higher dosage.  Terence is trying it for 6 weeks.  He'll have another PSA test in 2 weeks to see how the new dosage is working.

The doubled dosage has made Terence a little sicker and a lot more tired.  Other than that, he is dealing with side effects of the continued hormone therapy (fatigue, muscle loss, aches and pains, degenerating bone loss).  He is considering stopping therapy at the time of his next treatment.  He's praying for further wisdom in regards to what is best for him.

Meanwhile, we are continuing working in the ministry, staying plenty busy and enjoying the days as they unfold. 


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