Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's not the same as a leisure retirement!

Boarding with our nephews in Hawaii

Since 2009, Terence and I have had wonderful opportunities to spend lots of valuable time together with our family and friends in many great places;

  •   Alaskan cruise with Nadine, Mike and the Jensen family.
  •   Hawaii  with my family and Joan and Terry Butters.
  •   Alaskan tundra with Terence's best bud, Matt Litlzeman.
  •   Seattle and Montana with Terence's brother Dan and family.
Alaskan cruise with kids and the Jensen Family
  •   Unlimited time in Gig Harbor, with all of our kids, grand kids.

I've unfortunately had some slightly snide "comments"; "That sure must be nice.....sure wish I could do that...."   


I am really thankful we can take the time to do things together. But it's not the same as a leisure retirement!

It would be great to  'vacay'  without the dark passenger (cancer) tagging along!

Trust me, we'd rather  be holding down a 80 hour a week job rather than taking "vacations" with a terminal illness!!!!

Montana getaway at Brian and Sara's cabin

We can't "vacate" like we used too.

We're simply trying to live above cancer and enjoy life in the midst of crises and we are grateful for the opportunities to do this!

Thanks to everyone who make these times possible.

Terence & Sherry

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