Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Have I told you the favorite room in my house"? (an excerpt from Terence's journal)

The following is an excerpt from Terence's journal.  It is actually a letter written to me (he writes to me daily).  I have his permission to share this with you since he knows he's been lax on writing on this blog!

The entry was written about three months ago. It touched my heart.

"I found myself meandering down Seattle area today. Neighborhoods full of cookie cutter houses, row upon row of "support structures", i.e. banks, Macy's, Nordies, Starbucks, The Cheese Factory......

People in their house-boxes working 9 to 5, not wanting to go to work and then not wanting to come home.  One life just like the neighbors.  Keeping up with the Jone's; you know the "American way".  Work 'til 65, retire and die.  Corporate America.  I've been there.  So have you Sherry.  Suburban clones is something we never wanted, never being able to see the stars at night.  Only Asphalt and concrete.  This is not who we are.  We would do well to remember that.

Oh, have I told you my favorite room in my house?  It's the one with the big blue ceiling,  the architecture is magnificently done and the surround sound is live, not recorded.

I desire above everything to make it home again to the Rockies.  To set roots down so that you, my love can live a safe, unpretentious and free life" ~ (Terence, 2011).

Still believing for a miracle,

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