Saturday, May 21, 2011

falling off planet at the drop of a hat

Enjoying the nice weather playing Bocci ball.

Wow, the past two weeks have been stressful ones.  Terence is adjusting to the new dosage of the ketoconazole- and it's making him sick and tired (pun intended).   He seems to fall off planet  at the drop of a hat, and needs to check out, and go to bed-usually nauseated and sick-y feeling.  He sometimes just disappears, and I go hunting for him- he's usually in the bathroom, trying to overcome the nausea.

I came down with a 48 hour bug of some sort- which makes life harder.  Its difficult for me to 'check out'  and rest when I'm sick, because Terence still needs to eat, laundry needs done and the house cleaned (boy do I miss the days when I had a weekly house keeper!!!!!).  Life becomes rather stressful because I turn into an 'arm chair quarter back' (calling for Terence from my bedroom, "Terence, don't forget.......such and such has to get put and so is coming to pick-up  such and such, please have it ready.......") .   Fortunately (for Terence), it didn't last long.

Smoking fresh salmon on cedar planks tonight.
 Terence will getting another PSA test done next week- to see how the new dosage is affecting the tumor growth.  Dr. M's hopes are that it will slow it done some.  

Not much else to share. We're still here trying real hard to live above it all, not just live with it.  By the grace of God.

Thanks for your prayers.


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