Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's day Terence!

Father's Day 2012
by sherry

Our first father's day together was almost 24 years ago.   Terence married "us" when he was barely 26 and I was 29, with three children.  He thought long and hard before he asked me to marry him because he knew I couldn't have anymore children. That is a BIG decision for a 26 year old young man. 

His first Father's day present was a gun cabinet.  I don't think he necessarily wanted one, but having kids meant locking up the hunting stuff.

He has spent the last several decades raising the children with me.  He has honored their father Danny (my ex- husband) all the while carving out a special place in their hearts as their "Pop". 

He has been there with me through-out all the parenting ups and downs; when our daughter wanted her first boyfriend and we said "No"/ teaching Eric how to pitch at just 6 years old (and when the time came that  Eric's fast ball was to fast Terence admitted he was too wary to catch for him anymore)/ teaching Andrew how to tie his shoes/ he sat with Eric and taught him how to read the summer before he started kindergarten (at Eric's request)/ grounded Nadine (at 10) for eating her all of softball fundraiser candy/ joined Andrew in the elementary school lunch room 1x month/ sat at the dining room table with all three children helping them with their homework every night (believing that their study skills  for college were formed by fourth grade).

He took their "first day of school" pictures every year.  He started each school year telling the children "you start this year with an 'A' and proceed from there.  You don't need to battle your way up".

Now we have grand kids.  He teaches them not to be afraid of the dark (takes them out for night walks with flash lights).  He teaches them how to read a 'trail', how to cross a river on foot, How to identify different kinds of 'poop' (rabbit, raccoon, deer), how to make Robin Hood Swords (to battle the evil prince John) and taught them all about wolves in Wyoming. They think  he's a cool grandpa.

Most importantly he has taught the children (kids and grand kids) "to love the Lord, don't let your faith falter even when things look (and feel dreary)" and reminds them daily "that no matter what happens continue to follow Jesus, don't lose your faith and remember that He loves you... otherwise all that I've taught you has been in vain".

Father's day 2009, when Terence was diagnosed.


  1. Terence is truly a one-of-a-kind Jewel!


  2. You are a truly blessed woman, Sherry! :)


  3. This is beautiful. There is not one single thing more important to me in my marriage than what kind of father Kim is. Somehow, before we married, and I was young and not so smart, somehow I saw that Kim would be an amazing father - and he is.
    Terence has so clearly done an amazing job with the kids. It is clear to me in how they react to him on facebook. And I know, Sherry, you are like me -- not one thing is more important. It's truly God's beauty for the kids, for the parents.
    Love you guys.