Friday, June 15, 2012

Days like today are easy.

June 16 2012
by sherry

We had a summer day today!  Besides a 70 degree day, our grand daughter Annie came and spent the day with Terence and I- she always brings us such joy (as they all do)- but since she's the baby of the family, we're enjoying her at this wonderful age of three. 

She spent about 20 minutes doing her "homework" with Terence. Counting to 23 and then some... I was busy working in the yard, but I could hear some hearty laughter coming from Terence as he conversed with Annie.  She keeps us in a happy mode!

 Terence has been doing relatively well.....he had spent most of last week in tremendous pain (a constant 7), but his hospice doc. recently quadrupled his morphine dosages- so yesterday and today his pain levels were lower....he's been sleepier, but in less pain.

 He was able to join Annie and I outside and even helped me with a gardening project that has been taking me over a week to complete (moving lots of rocks from a rock bed).  He said it's been painful watching me load the rocks bucket by bucket (all I wanted to handle!)- instead of shoveling and loading by the cart full.  He got the shovel out and loaded three cart fulls and got the project done (I was anticipating another three-four days according to my bucket schedule)!------LOL. I miss my 'yard man'.

 Of course, we got the project done, but he's down for the count as I type!

Over all, we three enjoyed the day. Got some sun, moved some rocks, planted some grass and rolled in the grass.

Anna: Showing me her 'button' bracelet that she made. 
"This is Papi's cancer bracelet"......not sure what made it a cancer bracelet, other than she was thinking about him.

Too cute.  Days like today are easy.

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