Saturday, December 3, 2011

Prayer Rock with Bella

Terence & our grand daughter Bella, Summer 2011


Ever since Bella was an infant carried in a back pack, she and Terence have
trekked to a prayer rock up near Mount Rainier.

Actually, it's a cluster of rocks located at a waterfall about 2 miles from the cabin my
grandfather Horace Parker built in Washington (my own father has told me many 
stories of his hikes to the same water fall as a young boy).

We've taken many holidays there with our family. 
Once when she was barley two years old she was up early in the morning making plans for their hike.  "C'mon Papi! let's hike to our prayer rock"! And hike she would!
At two, she ran beside Terence the entire way up and back- 
actually anticipating their prayer time up at the waterfall. 

Once on the rock, they would sit or kneel and pray conversationally  instead of
saying a rote or formal prayer and he would teach her to speak to God as a friend, using simple, conversational language that she could relate too, guiding her into a closer relationship with her heavenly Father and an into an invaluable source
of help and grace for the rest of her life.

Now she's 9 years old and she still anticipates this hike and special time spent with her Papi. 

This summer was a little different though; she requested to lead the prayer time.  

She prayed for Terence to be well, that was first and foremost on her mind.
In fact, that was her sole purpose that day; to get to the prayer rock with 
Terence and pray for his healing.
Then she prayed for her mom and dad, her brother
and sister, her cousins, aunts and uncles, friends.

I don't suppose my grand father knew 90 years ago when he chose this spot that it would one day be an inspirational place that would stir the heart of his great, great grand daughter Isabelle (Parker) Jensen.


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