Friday, December 9, 2011

He likes Jughead Jones

Terence, December 9, 2011
Cycle 2/day 38 of chemo
by sherry

Terence is rounding the corner and preparing for another chemo round in just 4 days- he's feeling strong right now but preparing for the first 48 hours; the *chemo wam-bam*, which hits him after the infusion- and typically leaves him on the couch or in bed, unable to keep his eyes open- the faitgue is so great at that time.

 Right now though his blood counts are up and he has more energy.  He woke up feeling good, ready to assist the move to our condo. Travis and Stacy came down from Seattle and our son-in-law Mike moved our refrigerator(s)- some of the heavier stuff.  After that, Terence was spent-came home and had to take his evening morphine and spent the evening with me relaxing.

Even though he has been experiencing new and unexplainable pain, he remains strong in spirit and happy, in general. There isn't a day that goes by where he knows that the Lord is with him; of these things he's certain.  New pains, new side effects, new symptoms manifest just about every day so it would be easy for him to focus on those things, but he doesn't sulk or feel sorry for himself, he often takes his cue from Job who says "shall I praise God in only the good times? He's worthy of my praise at all times".  He's pretty consistent. 

Getting ready for Christmas this year-we don't have much- the medical community has claimed ownership of our $ in exchange for their care of Terence!  We are grateful for the excellent care he's getting, and we haven't really put much thought to it. Just getting through the chemo days takes our energy and focus, and we've been really grateful, once again to have our entire family with us during the holidays. I did put our tree up and it fills our home with the wonderful aroma that reminds us it's Christmas.

Before I forget, if anyone is interested in sending terence a care package for his chemo/post chemo treatments see below:

      He's a hug fan of           Jughead Jones comics!

Have a good laugh at that, and talk to you all soon.

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