Monday, October 17, 2011

Photo journal of bountiful moments.

A Bountiful Life.
  Bountiful Moments

by sherry-
boun·ti·ful- adj.
1. Giving freely and generously; liberal.
2. Marked by abundance; plentiful.

A heavy heart leads me to meditation. I typically try to avoid pain.  But after 2 years of walking through a terminal diagnoses with Terence, I realize that doesn’t work. There is no escaping it.

Lately, I find that the Lord hasn’t removed or erased my pain or fears.  He has strengthened me through it.  Even though I would prefer the former to the later, I find myself grateful in the end.  Because even when my heart is really heavy and the emotional movement feels like a knife slicing through me, I don’t want to feel stuck with a heavy heart. Heaviness has tremendous gravity and will continue to weigh me down if I don’t learn how to deal with it appropriately.

What’s left is facing it. Facing the fear, walking through the stress but finding God’s comfort in the midst of it.  I realize, that the Lord has been generous, and in looking at my very own photo journal, I see the evidence of His goodness. I see evidence that even in the midst of turmoil and fear, the Lord has been generous to us.

These are truly bountiful moments.  I find my strength.  With Christ I can face all things, and He makes all things joyful.

Our life is marked with abundance:

Reuniting with family and best friends.
 Kemmerer Homecoming 2011

Being present in a time of need. 
Dean's heart surgery, October 2011

Re-uniting with best friends.

12 years of unconditional love.
RIP Kawika boy.

Dream vacation with old friends, and new memories, touching our lives in new ways. Hawaii, 2010.

Watching our family grow in love. 

Our boys- sons, Eric Andrew and grandson Ethan enjoying pizza!

Watching our kids mature and make good decisions. Eric and I in Chicago- 2010

Learning from our kids.

Our nephew Douglas, spent time teaching Terence how to surf the waves on a kayak. Hawaii 2010

Preaching the gospel, no matter what.

Regardless of how he feels, Terence has been determined and faithful to preach the gospel.

Guest speaker at God First Church, Seattle, WA

Deepening brotherhood.
Terence and his brother, Dan.

Uniting love.  Terence unites Travis and Stacy and prepares them for the rest of their life!
Summer 2011

Ohana.  My family.
Very special. Hawaii 2010

The past meets the future.
My grand daughter Annie, meets her namesake; my great grandmother Annie Stevens, Seattle, WA 2011

Enjoying the fruit of our labor.My sister helped me start a garden, so we enjoyed veges from our summer garden and fish from the river. Summer 2011.

Enjoying beautiful days with my grand babies. Fall, 2011. Singing "Candy man" with Annie bug.

Silly recreation as a family!
Eric, Bella and Paisley. Summer, 2010

Finding fun things to do!
Terence plays house with Annie.

Homecoming! Terence is reunited with his "puppy", Cead.

Just laughs and nonsense. My sister and niece make an attempt on the ukulele.

Lessons on life: "how to catch a fish".
Terence on the river with Travis and Stacy, September 2011.

Cead is home again!'
Annie "knights" Cead with her tiara.

...and welcoming a new season with open arms.

"You can never cross the ocean unless you have
the courage to lose sight of the shore."
Christopher Columbus


  1. Beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at and reading this!

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    breathless beauty
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