Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15, 2011
by sherry
Me- at JC Penney's house in Kemmerer, WY

We're on our way home-back to Seattle...we're sitting (sleeping) at the Salt Lake City airport.

It has been a good trip.  It provided us an opportunity for us to get away and forget about cancer (to the best of our ability) for a little while.  It was good to see friends and regenerated our souls.

Terence has been fighting an infection off and on since we started this trip 10 days ago- he has been on (and still is) antibiotics- which initially helped him- but he started to run a fever and experience the same pain a few days ago. We'll follow up with a doctor appointment when we return.  We spoke with his oncology nurse yesterday and she thinks Terence may not be voiding his bladder completely (this was the sole purpose of the surgery he had)- so he will probably start having to self- cath again because urine retention causes an infection.

 Terence had a very difficult night last night (Friday) with pain. It made for a restless night for both of us, as the pain kept me from sleeping every time he would move or roll over.  He would get up out of bed to stand which would bring relief to his hips and back.  A hot bath in the middle of the night brought some comfort also!

Please understand, I'm not complaining.  I'm just being transparent with all of you who pray for him on a daily basis :)

We have been trying to take advantage of getting out and doing more of the things Terence loves to do, but it's becoming apparent to me, that he may have to limit his activities, and that really bothers him.  He naturally doesn't want to succumb to limiting anything. I try to be very supportive in giving him the space to do anything he wants to do, but I see how he deals with the aftermath, and that is difficult sometimes.  I usually ask him if the pain is worth the  activity and if he says 'yes' than  I don't worry about it!  I try no to worry any way- but I'm obviously not always successful at doing so.

It will be good to good to be home and settle back into the routine of life- we plan on joining the YMCA (Gig Harbor has a fantastic club!) so we can swim daily. 

Terence has an oncology appointment this month, we'll discuss when he starts chemotherapy.  He's not particularly looking forward to it, but he wouldn't mind slowing down the current cancer growth- it would make life easier and longer :)

His spirit remains strong.

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  1. Amen! I know it sometimes seems awful to talk about my own discomforts, while Roger is going through worse troubles, and it is not complaining, it is what it is. I don't want Roger to miss a moment that is worth his own discomfort. Gee, I hope that makes some sense. Agreeing with you on all counts today. God Bless!