Monday, August 22, 2011

Out and about

August 22, 2011-                       
These past three weeks have been enjoyable.  I am glad Terence has had a couple of "good" weeks.  He has been on 1/2 dosage of Nilutamide for about 3 weeks now and feels better.  We aren't too sure how 1/2 dose is affecting the cancer,  but we are rejoicing in the small reprieve.                                                        
We spent three days with our grand kids at my grandfather's cabin. Terence's break in partial treatment has given him more energy and less fatigue.  I think he just felt better over all which enabled him to enjoy our time with them.                                                                                     He has been out fishing too.  In Washington, the great salmon run comes every other year (this year!)-  and Terence finds much enjoyment out on the river.  He is an avid angler, always has been as evidenced by the 16 pound rainbow trout mounted in his man cave along with a 'few' others.  He loves to fish.  It has always brought him great peace.                                                                                           Though he has been out and about & feeling somewhat better on the 1/2 dosage of medicine (less fatigue & less nausea)- there are changes happening inside his body.     

He is having to self-cath more often with negative effects and pain.  He has a bladder infection is not clearing up even after a week and a half on antibiotics.  This is causing him great discomfort.                                           He is experiencing shooting pains in his lower back and hips. Joining this now is pain in his femur.  The shooting pains are keeping him awake at night.  Morphine1 x a day isn't enough, but he refuses to take  more.......the massage table got set back up in the family room tonight........daily massages will help!

He told me tonight that he is having a lot of pain but will wait until our Sept 7th oncology appointment- I think he will have a discussion wit Dr. M regarding  a TURP surgery (partial removal of the prostate)- we think that's what's causing these problems- the cancer is invading the general area.
Well that's about it for now.  He's really enjoying having more energy, we had a great day of ministry today....a BBQ, horse shoes and family time tonight......pray with us that everything else that's going on will settle and that he'll feel better too.


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