Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hawaii did us both good

I recently left the beaches and sunshine of Oahu in route for home in Seattle.  My city greeted me with rain and 56 degrees.  Sigh.  What a difference a 41/2 hour plane ride makes!

 Now I am at home, my Seahawks hoodie keeping me warm, reflecting the recent past.  Without a doubt the best moment in Hawaii was hearing Sherry laugh with her sisters as they recalled places and events while growing up.  And much more belly laughing ensued when her brothers Randy and Wayne added their stories to the mix.  It was good to see her happy.  She even danced the hula! - first time in years.

Hawaii did us both good:  rest, peace, diminished sense of responsibility.  We are consistently advised "not to worry", and "be not anxious", according to the Bible.  God obviously knows that mankind is prone to these issues, and that is why the topic is so clearly written in scripitures.

So, my course was set in the “Aloha state”-and with the help of O’hana (family) and the good Lord watching over me, my peace and rest began.  I awoke every morning to the waves breaking on the shore, my nephews encouraging me on a variety of outdoor pursuits and evenings filled with poi and lau-lau.

You know what?  I just feel better now.  My outlook is better, some strength has returned and I am spiritually strong.  My immediate future requires even more faith and physical strength and this trip reminded me that the Lord knows everything I need.



  1. What a blessed trip that you took all your friends on, and we did nothing but had alot of fun, sharing, and watching you be with your loved ones. October was a great months, of watching fun and nice updates of everything. From seeing what Hawaii is actually like, to every part of the healing process it will bring us. We all are in need of that, as our loved brother is going thru his trial and tribulations. We all need to look after our brother, as he has looked out for us. No better way of doing that. Hawaii, was a great and fun place. But no one was really ready to come back to reallity!

  2. Terence,
    My son is Ethan Bench and he shared your circumstances with me. I also was diagnosed with prostate cancer a little over a month ago. I had Breachy therapy and am monitoring the results. Glad to hear your spirts are high and you are feeling God's presece and love for you and your family. I have personally seen God move many times in the area of healings and it is awsome and faith building to see him heal. What I have come to know is the physical healings are only method for God to build relationships with people. Because really, at some point we all will lose our health, because our physical bodies are earthly vessels, but our relationship with God is eternal. So I applaud you for keeping the faith and also continuing to believe in miracles...all for the glory of God. I pray God continues to give you strength and you feel His presence as He takes you through it, and pray for your physical healing as well...all to His glory.
    Peace brother
    Matt Bench