Thursday, October 7, 2010


We arrived in Hawaii- after anticipating a great get away (which it is)- we spent the first few days with my family-  reunion time....brothers and father and nephews and sisters, cousins, nieces, beach time, surfing, snorkeling, hugs, kisses and tears filled our first three days. Wonderful!

Day four- found us at Castle Hospital- E.R.
Terence was presenting with some urinating urgencies(waking up 6x a night!). My nephew Noah took us to the E.R. where my sisters met us.  They cathed Terence, and consulted with his oncologist in Seattle.  It was determined that the new problems are due  to "tumor progresion"  (tumor is growing and obstructing the uretha).  Looks like a TURP surgery maybe in his future. Dr. M says that if Terence still has problems, we have to come home early.

After 4 hours, Terence left the E.R. (with out nurses aprroval- he had enough)- arms full of self cathing  supplies he walked out adamantly telling us to get the car- "I'm done. "Let's go watch Adam & Doug surf".
Walking briskly- almost a run so the nurses wouldn't catch him- he left us standing, wondering what was going on.  He was going to the beach, that was it!

He is doing better now. Still adamant, and determined to have a good time.  He is surrounded by my family- brothers, sisters, nephews- all determined to spend time with him and he with them.

 We are now in Ewa  beach- at a beach house my sister Brook arranged.   I woke up sick today. Tired, nauseated...slept for 2 hours on the beach. It's sort of typical of me...after spending several days on 'high alert' with Terence, I seem to have an adrenal 'let down' and I crash hard.  It doesn't take much to throw us into a tailspin. Cancer has a way of doing that: its not a respector of events- it doesn't matter if your on vacation or not.
Meanwhile-  tomorrow, cousins, sisters arriving to hang out with us. Saturday a BBQ with more family and friends! Sunday, Joan and Terry Butters will be joining us here for 1 week  and my nephews will be here to surf!

Family.  Friends. Good food.  Laughs. Hugs. Tears. Swimming.  Surfing. Snorkeling.  Healing times.


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