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In other news; I am taking the opportunity......

January 27, 2012
by sherry

Terence, January 27, 201
Not much to report lately; Terence still dealing with lymphedema, but we're finding ways to manage it.  It's terribly uncomfortable for him and he's still on bed rest orders (minimal exercise/no heavy lifting) and his new recliner is working out well!

Pure Adrenalin got him out of the house today- his friend Dean Taylor from Wyoming's "Best of the West TV show was in town (Puyallup hosted the"Washington Sportsman Expo") so Terence pulled up his boot straps (literally... he hasn't been able to get any shoes on for a week!!!), and braved the long walk from the parking lot to Dean's booth---it's a BIG expo.  He spent the day there- talking hunting and fishing.  He really enjoyed it, but when he got home his legs were really swollen  and they were painful, so he soaked in an salt bath. That seems to help somewhat.

Those boots are made for walkin'

The good news is that "Abby" (Abiaterone) seems to be doing something; no PSA results yet, but the cancer related pain in his abdomen has decreased quite a bit since he started 9 days ago. 

In other news; I am taking the opportunity (between Terence's chemotherapy and Abby and chemo again) to take care of my knee injuries- I am going in on Monday (Jan 30) for arthroscopic surgery on both my knees (!) I tore my meniscus  (inside and outside on both knees) and injured the cartilage under my knee cap.  I have to attribute the injuries to softball, racquetball and age, I've been living with it for about a year.  
Anyways, I am hoping to be up and about quickly.  Thank goodness my sister Charla cooked all those gourmet meals---Terence will have something (delicious) to eat!!!!

This time last year (one year to the day) I had my gall bladder removed- Terence was in-between his treatments so I took the opportunity to have the surgery, a dental check up and dental work done...this year---  I'll have my mammogram, my dental check up and knee surgery all in one week!!!!  It's tough dealing with personal issues like this when you're a care taker to this degree.  But you find ways~ or fall apart!

Terence will get new blood tests next Thursday to check his kidney (and other) functions- there are tumors surrounding his kidney ureters that concern the docs.  So they are keeping a specific eye on them.  

Of course, we're hoping the 'Abby' will shrink the tumors which will ease everyone's mind- as well as ease the kidney function and also relieve T of the lymphedema problem. 

So, there goes us for the next week or two!!!

Have a nice week end!

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  1. ~Forever keeping Terence and Sherry in my prayers being sent from Texas~~ jim mize