Thursday, September 9, 2010

Terence on extended phase I TOK-001 trial.

I haven't written an update- just wasn't feeling like I wanted to write until I put my big girl pants on (A.K.A. 'courage').

Overall, things are well (I think that's the best way to put it)...... difficult to describe.

Good news:

1. Terence was permitted to continue the clinical trial and was placed on the extended phase I TOK-001 trial- even though his body hasn't been fully absorbing the medication like the other 6 men. We have to re-vamp his diet plan (yet again) until we find the food that will help it bind. Dr. M says that if we can do that, Terence would benefit from TOK-001 TEN-FOLD (right now he's benefitting from only a small percentage of it).

2. The scans showed no NEW cancer/tumor growth. Everything is as it was three months ago!

Not so good news:

1. Reality check. TOK-001 or any other medcial treatment can erradicate/ take away this cancer.

2. Terence's PSA has continued to rise quickly (from 14.7 last week to 22.5 today)- which indicates cancer growth, they just can't see it (they call it "micro-metastis").

3. Scans revealed more bone degeneration in all joints and spine......due to lack of hormones.

4. With the greater absorbtion of TOK-001 into is system comes some pretty bad nausea and vomitting.

He rests a greater portion of the day (after fishing in the mornings)- and goes to bed by 6 or 7 pm.
He is also now on morphine for the pain- but is having allergic reactions to opioids- so who knows what will happen next :(
Thanks for prayers---------

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