Monday, February 21, 2011

Party Pants!

Life is short, wear your party pants!
Sherry, February 21, 2011

Terminal cancer has attempted to define our lives.  As we've struggled for some some sense of normalcy and consistency (which becomes elusive at times), we have a tendency to live in the throes of sickness....the effects of the pain becoming all consuming until we lose all sense of thriving.

 What a sad commentary on life!

We lighten things up & have regular family dance offs!

Life brings suffering in it's own time, why  should we practice?  

Life is short, wear your party pants!
Don’t we want to experience delight every day? 

We have to not worry about what is around the corner. I am now trying to do that to every extent that I can. 

Terence & I and grand kids, Bella & Ethan
Right now Terence feels very good and that is all I will deal with. 

We're planning for the short term future; we're getting ready for our trip to Montana and Wyoming this summer.

As far as Terence's cancer is concerned he has an oncology appointment and another treatment in a few weeks and that is all I care to think about the topic.
Grand daughter Isabelle

Wow oh wow oh wow is all I can say. 

Don’t put off the stuff that matters to you. 

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  1. Terence- thanks for having such a happy heart through all this!